• Panoramic VR

  • 3D VR

  • Industrial AR

  • Panoramic VR Manage with 360˚ Mirroring Image Virtual Reality

    We create the same virtual environment as an actual environment with 360˚ panoramic images.
    Users can acquire linked information while touring high quality VR space.
    Our VR Mapping technology of actual image and combination of technology and data provide
    actual space information with big data.

  • 3D VR Work with 3D Virtual Reality

    We create 3D VR space according to the theme and also suggest customized type of interior
    to hold hybrid show at both off-line space and online 3D VR space.
    Also in the VR space, users can select their own virtual avatar to communicate and tour spaces.

  • Industrial AR Run with Industrial Augmented Reality

    We provide Industrial AR that enables equipment arrangement, quality test, process learning etc.
    The solution can enhance the capabilities of 3D data and improve the existing solution to achieve industrial competitive.
    Augmented reality contents is applied to wide range of the industries to overlay virtual environment.