Go Together

We help you dream bigger and move forward with VR and AR technology.

  • Dreams Become a (Virtual) Reality

    Gigachances visualize the new space in reality with VR·AR solution.

    The virtual metaverse world, created with Digital twin & CG based on actual images,
    is spread out in three dimensions by combination of VR Mapping technology and 3D data.

    With VR·AR solution, the utilization of information about facilities and spaces will be maximized,
    and the solution has been used widely in industrial area such as vessel, plant, MICE, healthcare, education, etc.

  • Deep Dive into Customer's Issue

    Gigachances comprehends the value which customer pursues and the issues that confronts,
    and gives deep consideration to provide perfect solution.

    We provide sustainable & accustomed solution, which is not simple trial or one-off event,
    by applying VR〮AR technology.

    Gigachances provides a innovative service which leads to form partnerships with customers,
    and to create virtuous circle to grow along and create advanced solution.

  • Better Communication, Better Collaboration

    Every member of Gigachances talks and shares their own opinions freely.

    With passionate and honest communication, our ideas take breath,
    and we comprehend each other's strength and share healthy feedback based on mutual respect and trust.

    Through positive communication, Gigachances is growing and creating the better outcome.